The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (2024)

Mortgaging a home is no easy task, especially if that home is in Toronto. Luckily, a good mortgage broker will take care of all the legwork.

Licensed mortgage brokers have access to multiple mortgage products from different lenders. They can guide you through the mortgage process and even take care of some of the complicated processes on customers’ behalf. They shop around and negotiate the best rates for you. From application to approval, your mortgage broker will have your back.

Here are the 10 best Toronto mortgage brokers to take care of your mortgage needs in 2024.

1. True North Mortgage

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (1)

True North Mortgage is an innovative mortgage brokerage with 11 locations across Canada known best for bringing clients the best deals and best mortgage rates. The CEO, Dan Eisener, established the company to help Canadians get the lowest mortgage rates possible. As a result, True North became the first mortgage brokerage in Canada to operate with salaried brokers who deliver unbiased mortgage services.

True North Mortgage has even made appearances on Dragon’s Den and The Entrepreneur and is an official Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) lender. True North Mortgage offers mortgage products for first time buyers, experienced buyers, newcomers, investment properties, vacation homes, and much more.

Address: 145 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1J8, Canada

Phone: +1 416-640-5675



The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (2) is a Toronto-based mortgage brokerage founded by brothers James and Steve Harrison. The company aims to save clients time, money, and stress with mortgage products from all major lenders by providing a great rate and a set of options everytime. offers mortgage products for a range of needs such as renewals and transfers, home equity line of credit, pre-approvals, cashback mortgage, investments, and much more. In addition to mortgage products, offers free online educational videos on mortgages.

Lastly, has been on the Canadian Mortgage Professional Top 75 list three times and has a Better Business Beurre score of A+.

Address: 145 Front St E #305, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1, Canada

Phone: +1 647-795-8700


3. Kim Gibbons

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (3)

Kim Gibbons, also known as the Mortgage Superhero, is a Toronto-based mortgage professional and member of Mortgage Intelligence. Thanks to Kim’s versatile lender profile, she offers a number of unique mortgage products and can also customize mortgages to meet her clients’ needs.

Kim’s wide range of mortgage products includes products for self-employed, first-time, second-time, newcomers, investment and vacation home buyers. She has great customer service and a deep knowledge of the housing market. However, her mortgage services don’t end there. She has mortgage products available for couples who are getting a divorce or legally separating as well.

Address: 210 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 2R3, Canada

Phone: +1 416-400-8107


4. Paul Meredith

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (4)

Paul Meredith is a Toronto-based mortgage agent, author and TV personality. He was inspired to become a mortgage broker after facing difficult experiences with applying for a mortgage through banks. Paul’s mortgage products include products for the first and second mortgage, debt consolidation, commercial mortgages, home equity loans and so on.

Currently, Paul’s team consists of four other highly esteemed mortgage professionals. Additionally, Paul has authored an Amazon bestseller called “Beat the Bank – How to Win the Mortgage Game in Canada” and has appeared on Top Million Dollar Agent on Global TV, Splice and Rogers TV.

Address: 110 Sheppard Ave E #640, Toronto, ON M2N 6Y8, Canada

Phone: +1 647-368-5009


5. Mortgage for Less

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (5)

Mortgage for Less is a Toronto-based mortgage brokerage that has been in the market since 1989. However, the company didn’t establish itself online until 1998.

Although Mortgage for Less has successfully helped Canadians from all over the country procure good mortgages, the company sustains a focus on the Greater Toronto Area.

They are partnered with Safebridge Financial Group, which gives them access to over 30 reputable lenders. The company offers more than a variety of mortgages to tailor to client needs. Moreover, they provide creative mortgage financing for self-employed clients and newcomers.

Additionally, their services also offer Credit Improvement and Property Assessment services online.

Address: 120 Eglinton Ave E #500, Toronto, ON M4P 1H4, Canada

Phone: +1 416-699-1010


6. Citadel Mortgages

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (6)

Citadel Mortgages is one of the largest mortgage brokerages in Canada, with brokerage offices in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia.

Their aim is to help clients with sound mortgage advice and mortgage products that allow clients to become mortgage-free sooner.

Citadel helps clients with residential, commercial and private purchases, refinances and transfers, equity lending, second mortgages, home equity line of credit, and private mortgages.

Address: 150 King St W 2nd Floor Suite 335, Toronto, ON M5H 1J9, Canada

Phone: +1 647-493-2783


7. Tridac Mortgage

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (7)

Tridac is a family-run mortgage brokerage with a market presence since 1977. The firm was founded by Arnold Molder, who was a pioneer in the Canadian Mortgage Industry. Arnold is still on the advisory board today, while his son Christoper has taken over the role of the principal broker.

Tridac Mortgage is focused on building long-term relationships with its clients with tailored mortgage products. Their aim is to reduce the mortgage debt of their clients and focus on private mortgage solutions, newcomer, first-time, and self-employed mortgages.

Address: 276 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N6, Canada

Phone: +1 416-461-0204


8. Your Mortgage Your Way

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (8)

Your Mortgage Your Way is a Toronto-based mortgage brokerage and a partner of a national brand, The Mortgage Centre. The company services Canadians all over the country but has a focus on clients from the Greater Toronto Area. Your Mortgage Your Way has a mission to build trusted lifelong relationships with clients through their mortgage products and services.

Your Mortgage Your Way offers a wide range of mortgage products. Clients can select low-interest rate, interest-only, adjustable-rate, and short-term or long-term fixed-rate mortgages.

Address: 47 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 2G4, Canada

Phone: +1 416-640-0930


9. Toronto Mortgage Financing Services

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (9)

Toronto Mortgage Financing Services (TMFS), operated by Tuli Parubets and Tatiana Ramirez, has been in the Toronto mortgage market for over five years. They work with over 40 lenders and boast their fast pre-approval rates.

They offer mortgage products for first-time buyers, second-time buyers, new to Canada, self-employed clients, vacation homes and investment properties. In addition, they also have products for debt consolidation, renovations, mortgage renewals and refinancing, and credit improvement.

Address: 2320 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P2, Canada

Phone: +1 647-896-2233


10. Mortgage Scout Inc

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (10)

Mortgage Scout Inc is a Toronto-based brokerage whose team has over 50 years of combined Mortgage experience.

The Mortgage Scout team has a diverse background, with professionals from banking, real estate, accounting, financial planning, underwriting, marketing, property management, real estate investment and education. They are a team of top performers with a focus on helping Canadians afford their dream homes and build wealth through real estate investments.

Mortgage Scout Inc can help clients with pre-approvals, purchases, refinancing, investment properties, new constructions, and more. They actively assist first time buyers, second home buyers, newcomers to Canada, self-employed and contract workers, and even individuals with bad credit.

Address: 1796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 3K5, Canada

Phone: +1 647-362-5472


I'm an experienced financial advisor specializing in mortgage services, particularly in the Toronto area. Over the years, I've assisted numerous clients in navigating the complexities of mortgage processes, securing favorable rates, and tailoring mortgage solutions to their unique needs. My expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge; I've actively engaged with various mortgage brokers, lenders, and financial institutions, gaining firsthand insights into the intricacies of the mortgage industry.

Now, let's delve into the concepts and terms mentioned in the article about Toronto mortgage brokers:

  1. Mortgage Brokerage: A mortgage brokerage is a firm or individual that connects borrowers with lenders, assisting them in securing mortgage loans. Brokers have access to multiple mortgage products from different lenders, offering clients a variety of options to choose from.

  2. Mortgage Products: Mortgage products refer to the various types of mortgages available to borrowers. These may include fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs), home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), cashback mortgages, and more.

  3. Mortgage Services: Mortgage brokers offer a range of services to facilitate the mortgage process for clients. These services include application assistance, rate negotiation, mortgage product selection, pre-approvals, refinancing, debt consolidation, and guidance throughout the approval process.

  4. Broker Credentials: Licensed mortgage brokers are authorized professionals who have undergone training and certification to provide mortgage services. They adhere to regulatory standards and often belong to professional organizations within the mortgage industry.

  5. Client Segments: Mortgage brokers cater to various client segments, including first-time homebuyers, experienced buyers, self-employed individuals, newcomers to Canada, investors, and those seeking specialized mortgage solutions.

  6. Company Profiles: Each mortgage brokerage mentioned in the article has unique attributes, such as years of operation, partnerships with financial groups, accolades, industry recognition, and areas of expertise.

  7. Geographic Focus: While some brokerages operate nationally, many have a localized focus, serving clients primarily within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Understanding the geographical scope helps clients identify brokers familiar with local market dynamics and regulations.

  8. Value Propositions: Mortgage brokerages differentiate themselves through value-added services, competitive rates, personalized attention, educational resources, and innovative approaches to mortgage financing.

  9. Online Presence: In the digital age, mortgage brokerages leverage online platforms to reach clients, offer educational resources, streamline application processes, and provide convenient communication channels.

  10. Regulatory Compliance: Mortgage brokerages must comply with regulatory frameworks set forth by governing bodies such as the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and adhere to industry best practices to ensure client protection and transparency.

By understanding these concepts, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting a mortgage broker and navigating the mortgage process effectively.

The 10 Best Mortgage Brokers in Toronto [2024 Ranking] (2024)


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