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It’s time to start decorating for Halloween so you’re going to need plenty of ideas forDIY Halloween decorations. When choosing your DIY project you can make somethingcutesy or a little scary,so there’s a variety of both types included below.Here are 40+ ways to make your own Halloweendecorations at home.

Be sure to check out all the awesome idea we did for my Pumpkin Painting Party!

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (1)

Halloween is a really popular holiday, and people love to decorate their yards and their homes. Check out our Halloween Door and our new Halloween Ribbon Wreath for some fun outdoor inspiration!

Buying Halloween decorations can get really pricey, so we’ve put together a collection of awesome DIY Halloween decorations to help you deck out your yard and home!

We have “pumpkins, mummies, and ghosts, oh my” in this collection of fun ways to make your own Halloween decorations. Most of these Halloween decor ideas are specific to Halloween, but others are fall-ish, like several of the pumpkin specific crafts.

TIP: If you love crafts but don’t have time, you can find LOTS of Halloween decor on Etsy you can buy!

DIY Halloween Decorations for Adults

This collection of DIY Halloween decorations isgeared more toadult crafting, though there are several listed that could double as kid’s crafts.Some projects, such as the Halloween Spiders and Creepy Luminaries are perfect for kids, but adults will find they make great decorations for Halloween parties and the porch or mantel.So,if you’re looking for some creativeadult crafts to make for Halloween, this is a great place to start.

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (2)

  • Mummy Halloween Luminaries– adorable and also a kid-friendly craft from Crafts by Courtney
  • Spooky Halloween Tree– this project uses a stencil making it really easy– from Crafts by Amanda
  • Halloween Spidersthat grown-ups and kids can maketogether – from One Good Thing by Jillee
  • Vintage Folk Art Pumpkins– a classic Halloween decoration from Craftberry Bush
  • 3D Paper Pumpkins – awesome as shelf decor, on a mantel, or as part of your centerpiece.

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (3)

  • Glowing Jack O’ Lantern Jars – Glow in the dark projects are always a big hit, and these adorable Jack O’ Lantern Jars are no exception!
  • Paper Halloween Luminaries – Halloween decor doesn’t need to be hard to make, and the kids would love to join in on the fun!
  • Black Cat Pumpkins – Not into the idea of carving a pumpkin this year? Paint one instead!
  • Burlap Pumpkin Wreath – Add a little festivity to your front door with this gorgeous pumpkin wreath!
  • Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath – Get ready for the big spooky day by adding a little extra festive to your door!
  • Easy Fabric Pumpkins – I love a good Halloween home decoration, and these are so easy to make.
  • Skull Rocks – Not only do I love celebrating Halloween, but the Day of the Dead is a great time for crafts as well!
  • Canning Lid Pumpkins – Actually they are canning bands, not lids, but you get the idea!

DIY Halloween Decorations for indoors and outdoors

There are all sorts of homemade decorations in this entire collection that will be great for turning your porch into a Halloween haven. Just be sure that once you’ve chosen a DIY project that you check the post instructions and notes and see if they are okay to leave outside.

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (4)

  • Reversible Scrap Wood Pumpkins – After Halloween, you can turn them around and they’ll be snowmen!
  • Spider Nest Lanterns – These spooky Halloween decorations will look great sitting on your table.
  • Glitter Drip Pumpkin – This simple decorating idea can be done with a real or fake pumpkin.
  • Big Paper Bag Luminaries – These will look super cool lining the sidewalk to your front door!
  • Our Jack O’Lantern TV has always been a favorite. We put it in the window every Halloween!
  • The Basketball Eyeball always gets the laughs! An easy DIY Halloween decoration for your house or yard.

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (5)

  • Wicked Painted Candles – a gorgeous adult craft from Rosyscription (previously linked as Madigan Made)
  • Halloween Straw Wreath– easy to make and mesmerizing to look at – from Tatertots & Jello
  • Bats Flying Across Pumpkin– a simple project with wow factor – from It All Started with Paint
  • Painted Candy Corn Bottles– a great way to recycle empty bottles– from Practically Functional
  • Balloon Ghosts – Super fun to hang in trees or use on your mantel, and they even light up!
  • Starched T-shirt Ghost – a cute door decoration made from an old t-shirt!

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (6)

Cute or Scary for Halloween?

What’s your preference? Do you prefer your Halloween decor be spooky, scary, or just cute? Sometimes it can really depend on whether or not there are small children in your household, but I know plenty of little kids that love the spooky stuff too!

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (7)

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (8)

  • Wood Slice Pumpkins– thinking outside the box with this one– from The 36th Avenue
  • Mason Jar Ghost Lantern– these darling ghosts are so easy to make – from Simply Kierste
  • Barbie Zombies– Walking Dead fans will love these DIY “walkers” – from Crafts by Amanda
  • Halloween Marquee Sign– a unique way to dress up your porch for Halloween – from Lolly Jane

Do you love when they glow?

I’m a big fan of DIY Halloween decorations that light up or glow! You’ll find quite a few glowing projects in this collection. To play it safe, always use battery-operated candles or disposable glow sticks instead of flame candles in your glowing decor.

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (9)

  • Zombie Mason Jars– these zombie jars make great treat fillers for Halloween parties- from Crafts by Amanda
  • Creepy Hand Luminaries– have party guests make one at the door– from Crafts by Amanda
  • Mummy Mason Jars– rubber bands are the trick to these adorable jars – from It all Started Paint
  • Glow in the Dark Monster Rocks– hide these glow in the dark rocks all around your yard or use them to play a game to win a prize – from Crafts by Amanda
  • Halloween Napkin Luminaries – these gorgeous light up jars are made from decorative napkins.
  • Halloween Wine Glass Candle Holders – oh my gosh, these are the cutest things, and make such a fun centerpiece!

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (10)

BONUS – If you don’t have time to make your own DIY Halloween decorationsthen a Halloween printable is your next best option.Print it out and use a cool decorative frame or clipboard to display it.

50+ DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas! (11)

I hope you found some great inspiration here with this fun collection of DIY Halloween decorations! Be sure to check out all of my Halloween crafts and costumes here.

This was originally published on October 13, 2015.

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